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Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, ASYV: Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is a residential community providing education for children orphaned during and after the Rwandan genocide. 2012 Nicole Ifill (Dietrich-IS) Loward Ziv Piper (Heinz-MSISPM) Helped ASYV define the requirements for a unified information system to manage student information concerning education, health and wellness, and follow-up upon graduation. They also performed systematic user testing of a new intranet and provided user interface recommendations to improve it. 2011 Alimou Bah (Heinz-MISM) Jin Seop Kim (SCS-CS) Completed the full setup of three computer labs, including hardware, networks, and software. Established a team of


AIRPORT AUTHORITY 2012 Sean Kim (Dietrich-IS / Heinz-MISM) Helped the Airport Authority develop a web site for the Airport. Developed an information system to better manage work orders DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT 2010 Jeremy Cohen Hoffing (H&SS-IS) Developed a new web portal to allow the National Human Resources Development Department to communicate student scholarship information, department information, and information about the organizations under their management. 2005 Ian Pearson (Heinz-MSPPM) Developed Department capacity to develop and manage simple database systems. Developed a few small databases to manage financial information and student records. Improv

People in Peru!

2012 was the first year TCinGC partnered with the school in Pucallpa, a city in eastern Peru on a tributary to the Amazon River. Hermona's family is from Ethiopia, she was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, and is fluent in Spanish -- making her a good choice for consulting in Peru. Hermona helped the school to develop a new web site based on the open source Joomla content management system. She also researched leadership transition planning and presented her findings to the family that runs the schools to facilitate their discussion. The school name: Colegio Técnico Privado Antonio Raimondi

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