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In The Village and Beyond

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, ASYV:

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is a residential community providing education for children orphaned during and after the Rwandan genocide.

2012 Nicole Ifill (Dietrich-IS) Loward Ziv Piper (Heinz-MSISPM)
  • Helped ASYV define the requirements for a unified information system to manage student information concerning education, health and wellness, and follow-up upon graduation. They also performed systematic user testing of a new intranet and provided user interface recommendations to improve it.

2011 Alimou Bah (Heinz-MISM) Jin Seop Kim (SCS-CS)
  • Completed the full setup of three computer labs, including hardware, networks, and software.

  • Established a team of student assistants to provide ongoing support for the labs.

  • Configured ASYV's student information system, and trained staff in its use.

  • Created a plan to improve the WiFi networking in the village.


2012 Vivian Cheung (Heinz-Global MISM)

  • Vivian designed and helped Manumetal implement a way to bridge their local area networks, researched and implemented a customer relationship management system to replace their paper and spreadsheet-based system.

Horizon Sopyrwa

2012 Yikai Zhu (Heinz-Global MISM)

  • Improved internal communication by implementing an instant messaging system.

  • Created a process for sharing report files between departments.

  • Built a database to better manage information in the Crop Production Department.

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