Improving Bank Record Accuracy

Apoorva Havanur (Palau, Financial Intelligence Unit, FIU) The FIU detects, disrupts and deters money laundering and terrorist financing and ensure that anti money laundering regime complies with international standards. Apoorva helped to simplify data entry into the FIU database this past summer. While TCinGC consultants prior to Apoorva built the database, there were some issues with the completeness and accuracy of the bank accounts provided as well as issues with efficiency for identifying and fixing issues. Apoorva determined that an automated program to run the preprocessing phase would be ideal. By the end of his 10 weeks, he generated two applications to process the different types of

Belau Medical Center

Askari Shah (Palau, Belau Medical Center, BMC) The Belau Medical Center is one of four healthcare facilities in Palau. The center was facing challenges keeping track of pharmaceutical inventory which led to delays in reordering, understocking and expired medication. Askari worked with center over the summer to assist with the automation of inventory and sales tracking. Askari implemented an Intuit Point of Sales systems to make this happen and then trained a master trainer and several system users to ensure effective utilization. Click here to see full consulting report!

Commercial Community Development

Sebastian Guerrero (Palau, Bureau of Commercial Development Context Analysis, BCD) The BCD in Palau helps to inform and promote programs that help the commercial development of the community. Sebastian created a web application customized to meet Palauan needs when searching business listings and vendors. Prior to the application, there was no way of knowing of which vendors existed in the community unless through word of mouth, leading to loss of revenue and waste of unsold goods. With the application Sebastian created, people could access all of the business listings and vendors around. He also trained the staff at the BCD so that they could update and maintain the application.

Tracking Education Expenses

Ameeshi Goel (Palau, Ministry of Education. MOE) The MOE is a government agency that operates the country’s public schools Ameeshi worked with the MOE this past summer on creating an Expenditure Tracking System. The organization wanted to change their existing paper based system to a digitize requisitioning-receiving-distribution-inventory process that would allow for more efficiency and would capture the metrics needed for effective measurements. The Expenditure Tracking System replaced the paper-based process. In addition to creating this system, Ameeshi also helped with the maintenance of the Ruby on Rails teacher evaluation system that was put into place by former TCinGC consultants. She

Financial Institutions Commission

Yuanhan Liu (Palau, Financial Institutions Commission (FIC) The FIC establishes and maintains a financial and regulatory and supervisory system for the Republic of Palau. For the past several years, the FIC had been using excel spreadsheets as their databases and they were wanting to expand its use of technology to better validate and process statistical data received from reporting institutions. To help the FIC with higher productivity and less room for error, the student consultant and FIC decided to outsource the database to a third party vendor for a more advanced and sustainable solution (which would take a few weeks). In the meantime, Yuanhan conducted careful investigation on data cap

Banking in the Marshall Islands

Daisy Nkweteyim and Nikolas Rebovich (Republic of the Marshall Islands, Banking Commission) The Banking Commission is responsible for the licensing, regulation, and supervision of banks and financial services providers in and from the Republic. Although work had been done by student consultants in the past on maintenance of the technology infrastructure, the improvements had not been maintained. Some of these improvements were the organizations website, FIU database, email certificate and the domain. The consultants brought things up to date and provided training and guides to the main admin and other staff so that they could renew the email certificate, share resources in a secur

Farm Information Systems

Travis Stahl and Eddy Norikazu (Rwanda, Agohozo-Shalom Youth Village, ASYV) The ASYV is village created as a systematic solution to combat the orphan crisis in Rwanda At the ASYV, the student consultants focused primarily on farm management and visitor management. The Farm Information System (FIS) was developed in response to the sporadic expense reporting and ineffective tracking of food from the farm that was being used or sold, making the ASYV unable to analyze product profitability and seasonal trends. The FIS is a high-functioning and user-friendly excel spreadsheet model that assists with consistent and precise record keeping that includes projection values and profitability. With visi

Palau Code Commission

Hannah Somers (Palau, Code Commission) The Palau Code Commission is a governmental committee made up of members of Palau’s Legal Community. The mission of the Code Commission is to codify and/or vote on any technical changes after a piece of legislation has been passed and to publish all new legislation. By the end of her 10th week, Hannah had converted all of Palau’s laws and court cases to Microsoft Word and moved them to Google Drive, which staff were trained how to use and maintain. She also provided the Commission with a list of options and recommendations on updating to the newest version of their old system, moving forward with Google Drive and how to connect with a company that could

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