From Paper to Tablet

Daniel Graf (Palau, Ministry of Education (MOE)) Daniel worked with the Ministry of Education on moving away from a paper-based teaching evaluation system which was making the information difficult to access and caused for individuals to store the information in various places. In order to meet the specific goals of the M`OE, Daniel steered away from existing solutions and created a custom software solution in Ruby on Rails and MySQL to consolidate, simplify and analyze the observation data. To achieve this, he had to focus on design, backend and integration which together resulted in a local system that can “uniformly store observation data, allow access to different employees, and provide

Driving Island Entrepreneurship

Gus Henry (Palau, Bureau of Commercial Development & Chamber of Commerce) Gus worked with the Bureau of Commercial Development and the Palau Chamber of Commerce over the summer with a goal to create an informational website explaining the application process for starting a business in the Republic of Palau. Prior to the summer, investors were finding the process to be ambiguous, complicated and time-consuming. Gus aimed to solve that problem. With the main focus of the website being on the communication of the application process versus website marketing, Gus and another summer intern were able to provide a functioning and complete website done in pure HTML/Javascript. By having this uniform

Coordinating Cargo Craziness

Philip Baker and Jorge Solera (Marshall Islands, Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Company) Philip and Jorge developed a website structure for the Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Company, the only cargo handling and transportation company on the island, which originally had no web presence. The website is not entirely complete but the structure and aesthetic design were finalized and there was agreement on the website design. They also created a Microsoft Access 2016 database for the company to have consistent and accurate workflow.

Marshall Energy Company

Clare Lai and Nurlaili Fajriyah (Marshall Islands, MEC) Claire and Nurlaili worked on a database and website for the Marshall Energy Company in the Marshall Islands to help to streamline work and data processing for the company, and provide accessible information, contact and functionality to users. Ultimately this would simplify the workflow and allow interactivity and easier usage to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Children's Orphanage E-Learning Platform ASYV

David Espinosa and Payce Madden (Rwanda, Agohozo Shalom Youth Village, ASYV) David and Payce spent the summer in Rwanda working with the Agohozo Shalom Youth Village (orphanage/high school outside of the city of Kigali). Despite some of the challenges they faced, such as working with people with varying work styles, schedules and priorities, with only 10 weeks to complete this; they had a great turnout customizing an e-learning platform to meet the school’s needs and training the teachers and administrators to proficiently use it. With this curriculum digitization, the goals were to help “improve student access to course materials, free up class time that’s currently used for taking notes f

Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism

Nirjhar Bera spent the summer in Palau working with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). With a limited budget and time constraints, he was able to develop a sustainable Financial Intelligence Unit Database (F.I.N.D.) application for financial intelligence gathering and analysis which he custom designed to fulfill requirements of Palau’s FIU. With this database, the FIU can “store financial transaction data and retrieve it very quickly as well as track patterns in suspect activity.” Ultimately, it assists the country in combatting money laundering and terrorist financing. Click here to view full consulting report!

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