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Technology Consulting in the Global Community

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and

those received by December 31, 2023 will be given priority consideration.

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Key Benefits





Gain leadership experience and improve your communication skills with international, hands-on consulting projects. 

Partner with local organizations to help empower developing communities with sustainable tech development. 

Go on an adventure with our fully funded, 10 week summer internship and expand your horizons by immersing yourself in a new culture. 

Boost your resume while having the summer of a lifetime! Explore beaches, visit rainforests, sample amazing food and learn about yourself!







    Summer Internship
                       INTO AN 

As a TCinGC consultant, your main goals are collaboration and sustainability. By collaborating with community partners on their mission and aiming for sustainable solutions, our students learn that technological advancements are only valuable to the degree that they help individuals, organizations, and societies solve their problems and reach their aspirations. We aren't looking for quick fixes, but instead want you to learn, share, and grow with your community partner. 

We have developed a capacity-building consulting model by which students help community leaders to adopt and sustain technical innovations in their organizations. This model helps students understand that their first priority is to facilitate their partners’ sustained use of technology to better meet their mission. 

TCinGC is a 10 week summer internship that places students in real world work environments in developing and/or under resourced communities. As a TCinGC consultant, you partner with local leaders of nonprofits, government ministries, NGO's, hospitals, small businesses, orphanages, and schools which otherwise could not afford the cost of technological advancements. You provide tech expertise, and they provide the experience of a lifetime!







A successful partnership takes more than simply placing you with a local organization.  We have developed a structured program of partner orientation, pre-trip preparation, ongoing advising, formal documentation, and regular feedback that identifies and addresses potential roadblocks early, and helps the partnership improve its effectiveness over the summer.


While there are many tech internships available, there is truly no other program like TCinGC. This unique experience of consulting abroad can give you an edge when looking for full-time employment post-graduation, and can change not only your career path, but your community partner's and countless others', lives. 

Industry Experiene
Impactful Projects
Lifelong Memories


          Behind a Desk


             Change the World?

Free Travel


Once in a Lifetime 

               SUMMER INTERNSHIP IS 

                             Fully Funded!

  •  TCinGC pays for roundtrip airfare from Pittsburgh to the work location.

  •  The community partner in the host community provides accommodations and a stipend to cover food and incidentals.

  •  Students are responsible for expenses related to passport application, immunizations, entertainment, excursions, and souvenirs.

  •  Students in past years reported that the covered program costs and daily stipend were sufficient to avoid spending their own money.



Free Roundtrip Airfare,
Free Housing Accommodation &
A Stipend to Cover Food and Living Costs













What kind of skills are required?

TCinGC focuses on a broad definition of technology. This includes the disciplines of information systems, computer science, human-computer interaction, information security, computer engineering, and software engineering. However; we also accept students with advanced computer applications or technology planning skills. Advanced computer application skills could include proficiency with geographic information systems (GIS), advanced creative applications such as the Adobe suite or Final Cut Pro, sophisticated data analysis tools, or if the situation calls for it, simply Microsoft Excel. Technology planning can range from planning computer purchases to defining national information management policies. We have accepted students from various majors and backgrounds, who always bring their unique skills and expertise to their unique client projects. 

We work to find matches between great students and interesting problems. So if you have interest and some skills, apply and lets us see what possibilities we can find!

Where are positions available?

The summer partnerships are created with the students in mind. Therefore you are applying to the program, not to a particular position, country, partnership, or project. When you do so, we ask about your interests, skills, and goals. If we find a position that we think is a good match, we would offer it to you and see if you think it is a good match as well. 


However, each year do return to many of our partnerships from the previous year(s). Often, students are sent to Palau, Rwanda, and other parts of Polynesia, South East Asia, and developing communities all over the world. We are also always exploring and adding new partnerships. (If you have any contacts that you think might be interested in being a TCinGC partner, please let us know.)

How are we matched with positions?

We review applications and identify those that make the first-cut based on a number of experience factors. We then review each of our development partnerships and look for the student or students who best fit their needs. At that point we would interview the applicant(s) to get a more detailed understanding of their strengths and interests and to gauge which would be the best fit for the development partner. We would make an offer and give the applicant a short period of time to accept or reject the offer. If accepted, then the student would co-sign the Memorandum of Understanding along with a representative of the development partner and Carnegie Mellon.

What if I am graduating in May?

Graduating students are eligible as long as they are willing to make the commitment to produce a final consulting report and to provide occasional remote technical support for one month after their return.

What if I have additional questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions! 

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