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Setting Up a Comprehensive Central Registry for Corporations

Sunday Zhou (Palau, Palau Financial Institutions Commission)

The Palau Financial Institutions Commission was recently tasked with maintaining a corporate registry for the country. Sunday assisted them in designing and implementing a workstation and workflow for digitizing legacy records and company annual reports.

This setup of a new workstation increased efficiency of multiple tasks, including management of legacy documents. Additionally, Sunday created a database with search, filter, and sorting capabilities, stored in the Synology hard drive, providing the FIC with an accessible and maintainable database for rapid lookup of specific company information. Furthermore, Sunday developed a pipeline to automate the process of uploading scanned documents, extracting relevant data, and inserting it into the database. This automation streamlined manual tasks, expediting the overall process by at least 60%. These contributions have improved the FIC's efficiency and enhanced its ability to serve as a central registry for corporations in Palau.


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