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Deploying Ipads

Yasuyuki Nishihara and Andrew Schwartz (Palau, Ministry of Education)

The consultants worked with the Ministry of Education’s IT staff on designing and documenting a business process for the deployment of 200 Apple Ipads to the 8th grade students in the elementary schools. In the process, the consultants clarified the following: responsibilities for each role in the organization on tablet deployment, documents (user guides and procedures) which support smooth table deployment, attribute information about tablet management which the MOE must maintain, and requirements for the Mobile Device Management System and other systems.

In addition, the consultants also created a software alternative to limit functionality without expending bandwidth on the MOE, designed setting criteria for incoming devices, and configured server to support functionality distribution. The purpose of the former tasks was to implement software that would manage the functionality of the IPad to maximize the educational value of the device, given the high functionality and versatility of an IPad.

Finally, the consultants designed a wireless network for the school system, configured an Open Directory alternative to the non-enterprise security system that was previously in place, configured an authentication system to be implemented at each of the school networks, and introduced practical steps, including technical strategy planning and web content filtering, to enhance the IT management process at MOE IT.

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