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Children's Hackathon

Angela Ng (Rwanda, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, ASYV)

Angela spent the summer working with the ASYV on an Integrated Student Information System that would capture a complete student profile containing recruitment, formal education, informal education, and alumni information for all of the students. 2013 TCinGC consultants had a program prototype to capture the information but it wasn’t used due to insufficient training and IT skills of the staff.

Although she was unable to build or implement a new system, she came up with several recommendations moving forward based on the Village needs and funding, including solutions if they would like to continue with the 2013 TCinGC student prototype, how to go about creating a new SIS, collaboration with CMU Rwanda, and using a cloud based system.

In 2013, the TCinGC consultants created a Hackathon (using CMU’s educational programming software, Alice) to teach the children of ASYV the basics of programming. Angela helped plan the second Hackathon competition using Looking Glass (Washington University in St. Louis’s version of Alice) gave the student more of a role in planning it.

She also created a curriculum, installed and tested several typing games and educational program, and set lesson plans that would assist the students with typing. She installed the typing software, Rapid Typing, and incorporated it into the curriculum alongside Typing Master.

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