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Updating Databases and Expediting Digitization

Yidan Xu (Palau, Financial Intelligence Unit)

Yidan updated various processes and systems with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in the Republic of Palau.

Yidan debugged the existing Access database, addressing issues and updating logic, allowing for a broader range of report types. Additionally, Yidan digitized legacy Currency Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports from Palau banks, streamlining the process by writing scripts that expedited digitization by at least 50%, Yidan also improved FIU's online presence by updating the official website, providing comprehensive and relevant information to users, aligning with the organization's mission. Finally, Yidan aided FIU in preparing for the installation of the new TAIPAN database, ensuring the organization's specific requirements and technical needs were accurately communicated. These contributions collectively enhanced FIU's efficiency, data management capabilities, and online visibility, reinforcing its ability to detect and deter illicit financial activities effectively.


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