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Revamping Online Presence and Marketing Strategies

Danagul Azimzhanova and Ilona Altman (India, Ammachi's Organic Farms)

Danagul and Ilona collaborated with Ammachi’s Organic Farms in revamping the farm's online presence and marketing strategies.

They successfully modernized the farm's website, enhancing its design and functionality, which led to increased website traffic, higher product sales, Airbnb bookings, and YouTube channel views. Additionally, they established social media accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, improving the farm's visibility and creating a marketing plan. Furthermore, they set up an educational YouTube platform, empowering Ammachi to share her agricultural knowledge widely, addressing the challenge of knowledge preservation and engaging the community in organic farming. The project significantly increased awareness of Ammachi’s Organic Farms and its traditional organic farming techniques, ensuring the farm's legacy and impact are sustained.


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