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Preserving Protected Areas

Curtis Lee (Palau, Conservation Society)

Curtis worked to normalize the data tracking Palau’s protected areas, a key tool used by the Conservation Society in their work to protect Palau’s natural environment.

This summer was the first year that TCinGC partnered with the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) which is dedicated to the protection of Palau’s unique environment and works to raise community capacity to steward biodiversity and natural resources. The PCS tracks a list of protected area locations, their ecosystems, species and the land / marine mass using an excel spreadsheet. Curtis worked with the PCS to cleanse and normalize the data in the spreadsheet to make for easier sorting, filtering, charting and reporting. The PCS also assesses and rates the management structure of protected areas, with the audit information captured mostly on paper. Curtis helped build a structure that ties the audit information to the protected area list.


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