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Predicting Future Health Outcomes

Brittany Pruitt (Palau, Social Security Administration Health Care Fund)

Brittany laid the groundwork for a medical records database for the Health Care Fund, Palau's first national healthcare financing program managed under the Social Security Administration.

2021 is the first year that TCinGC worked with the SSA in Palau. The SSA manages the Health Care Fund for the nation and needs help gathering data to better predict future health outcomes and costs based on claims paid to the hospitals that serve the Palauan population. Brittany identified the key data needs and sources, documented requirements for the medical records database, mapped data elements from the Belau National Hospital to facilitate data integration and initiated the project team at HCF to prepare the technical landscape for the new data. In addition, she used her Public Policy Management knowledge to recommend a committee for setting policy and standards on Health Information Exchange as well as identifying regional networks (Asian eHealth Information Network and Pacific Health Information Network) that can provide technical and capacity building assistance going forward.


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