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Implementing an Alumni Management System

Zhijie Gao and Mujie Zhang (Rwanda, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village)

Zhijie and Mujie collaborated with the non-profit organization, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV), to address two crucial challenges including the implementation of an alumni management system and introducing software engineering processes.

First, they implemented an Alumni Management System to enhance alumni engagement and streamline information tracking. This system increased alumni management efficiency, engagement, and the ability to analyze alumni performance. Second, they established industry-level software engineering processes within ASYV by introducing a GitHub repository and a Postgres database. The project had a substantial impact on ASYV, improving alumni relations and laying the foundation for more efficient software development processes, ultimately benefiting the organization's mission of empowering underrepresented Rwandan youth.


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