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Enhancing Data Migration and Integration

Zhijin Wu (Palau, Palau Ministry of Education)

During her project at the Palau Ministry of Education (MOE), Zhijin addressed data management challenges, specifically focusing on data migration and integration for Palau High School.

Her project aimed to migrate student data from an outdated Access database to the new AdminPlus system. The existing manual process of transcript generation was time-consuming, taking 20 minutes per student, significantly hindering efficiency. Zhijin's solution involved creating a comprehensive Extract, Transform, and Load workflow for data migration, which included the formulation of a structured Palau High School Data Migration Work Scope. This approach improved accessibility to precise and up-to-date student data, enabled successful data import into AdminPlus, and temporarily solved the transcript generation problem. The project significantly impacted the organization by enhancing data management efficiency and aligning with MOE's mission of delivering quality education. To ensure sustainability, Zhijin recommended establishing a dedicated team for continuous data validation and refinement within the AdminPlus system, fortifying data integrity and operational efficiency.


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