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Developing a Loans Database and User Interface

Tyler Lowe (Palau, National Development Bank of Palau)

Tyler improved employee efficacy by simplifying lending reports and rebuilding the National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) website to allow for direct updates and lower costs.

Tyler developed an NDBP loans database and user interface using Microsoft Access, centralizing loan data and streamlining lending reports. While project deployment faced challenges related to the NDBP's network and IT infrastructure, Tyler provided recommendations for the bank to upgrade its servers and redeploy the project after the upgrades or to wait for assistance from a future consultant. Additionally, Tyler laid the groundwork for rebuilding the NDBP's website, addressing the issue of high hosting costs and outdated design, making it a more modern and cost-effective communication tool. These efforts contribute to enhancing the bank's efficiency and digital presence.


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