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Cloud Migration

Meghna Chhabra (Palau, Ministry of Education)

Meghna established a cloud-based environment for running custom applications for the Palau Ministry of Education.

The Palau Ministry of Education is TCinGC's longest running Global Community Partnership. Over more than 16 years of working with TCinGC, the student consultants have delivered many lasting technology solutions for the MOE. Edwel Oberong, the longtime Director of IT for the MOE, recently retired. He saw a need to simplify the technology environment to make it easier to support going forward by moving applications to the cloud which eliminates the need to run and maintain on-site servers and move the transaction volume to the internet from the MOE's slower intranet connections. Working with Edwel, Meghna established cloud-based services for running the applications written by prior year students. These services include Apache/PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and utilities that allow for better wifi and security management. With the Apache/PHP and MySQL services established in the cloud, Meghna then completed migration of the MOE website and 3 small web applications. Left to migrate are the Ruby on Rails applications written by prior TCinGC student consultants. These include the Student Information System, the Requisitioning System and the Teacher Evaluation System.


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