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A Modernized Student Management System

Caitlyn Low and Vrinda Gupta (Palau, Ministry of Education, MOE)

Caitlyn and Vrinda deployed a new Student Information System (SIS) application and a new data reporting tool for the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Palau, an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean.

Caitlyn Low

Vrinda Gupta

The Ministry of Education (MOE), responsible for the public school system and the national educational curricula, wanted to replace their outdated student information system (SIS) used for tracking student demographic data, enrollments, grades and other academic information. Also, the creation of annual and ad hoc reports was very time consuming for the MOE teachers and staff. One of the CMU students developed a new Student Information System and deployed it at an elementary school where it will be piloted for the coming academic year. It will eventually be deployed to all schools. The second project addressed the collection of data to meet annual and ad hoc reporting requirements. The other CMU student implemented an open source data visualization system that was connected to the new SIS as well as to other data sources. This project took the time to create annual reports from weeks to hours.

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