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Scanning Test Results

Yaxuan (Rebecca) Li - Palau, Ministry of Education

Rebecca created an automated system for validated and correcting scanned test data for Palau English Reading Assessment for Palau’s Ministry of Education.

Rebecca worked this summer with Keizy Shiro to streamline the process of collecting and analyzing the test results from the Palau English Reading Assessment (PERA). The tests are taken on 'bubble-format' sheets which are then scanned by optical character reader. The scanned data must be reviewed and cleaned before being loaded for analysis. Rebecca created an automated excel macro to examine the test result data for missing or inaccurate data and if possible, update the missing data. Inaccurate or missing key data (i.e. student ID) is highlighted and must be corrected manually. Rebecca then created a visual representation for the statistics with charts to show pass/fail data across grades and distribution of student performance across each learning objective.


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