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Reporting on Health Incidents

Saachi Telwai - Jamaica, University Hospital of the West Indies

Saachi automated a paper-based form for collecting information on any non-compliance related to patient safety for the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica.

This is the first time working with the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), a research and University hospital located in Kingston, Jamaica. Saachi worked with Wayne Little, the Director of Applications, to automate the system for reporting on safety incidents in the hospital. The paper-based process required input from multiple departments and a review and sign-off from doctors and administrators. The collection and routing of documents with hand-written explanations made for a process that was very slow and difficult to manage. Working with Wayne, Saachi used the hospital's preferred no-code/low-code software solutions (Xano - a no-code tool to create the database and interfaces and Adalo - a no-code tool to create mobile and web applications) to create a Patient Safety Progressive Web App (PWA) for all parties to log, save and view the necessary data associated with an incident.


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