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Tracking Fuel Consumption and Managing Curriculum Content

Sam Walczak and Joseph Amegatcher (Palau, Ministry of Education, MOE)

Sam and Joseph worked with the MOE on a few different projects this summer. They designed and implemented a locally-hosted PHP web application (developed as a REST API) using MySQL for the database, to aid the collection and analysis of energy data. With the Ministry moving towards performance-based budgeting which required more details on operational metrics, there was a need to track metrics such as energy and fuel consumption to calculate current performance and make adjustments, as needed. Based on prior work from the Ministry’s IT team, the consultants were able to create the application to accomplish this.

The consultants also designed and implemented a locally-hosted web application specializing in curriculum content management and delivery so that the IPads purchased the previous year, could be used for teaching and for the automation of curriculum instruction. Furthermore, to boost the number and quality of learning materials available to students, the consultants deployed a free and open repository, RACHEL, which provides videos, digital textbooks and other resources for use by teachers and students.

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