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Automating Loan documents

Halanna Yuh (Palau, National Development Bank of Palau)

Halanna found robust solutions to the National Development Bank of Palau's problem with generating reports. Instead of manually taking time to fill out each loan application, Halanna wrote a script to automatically pull key information to complete the multiple different types of loan application forms.

During her consulting project, Halanna worked with the National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP). The bank provides commercial and housing loans to the people of Palau. Halanna sought to reduce the manual labor involved in filling out the paperwork for different loan types. This activity took valuable time that loan officers could better use to perform financial analyses. Halanna used Excel macros with visual basic to auto populate Word documents needed for loan processing. The project reduced the amount of time required to populate one loan type from more than a day to just a few minutes.


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