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A Revitalized Receiving and Yard Control System

Ryan Eckert and Aditya Chanana (Marshall Islands, Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Co)

Ryan and Aditya upgraded the yard control, receiving and billing/collections application for the Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Co, a cargo transportation and logistics company in the Majuro Atoll of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), in the central Pacific Ocean.

The Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Co’s (MSTC) yard control, receiving and billing /collections database application had fallen into disuse. The CMU students redesigned and simplified the data entry forms, redesigned and improved validation for the database model, rigorously tested the revised application and trained /cross-trained MSTC personnel on the new system. The result was a more usable and fully functional system offering the potential to reduce the time required to produce an invoice (currently at 3 weeks), improve invoice accuracy and improve overall data accuracy for the MSTC core business functions.

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