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Hospital Accounting

Shubham Jaiswa, Yi Zhang, and Zhongyuan Ying (Philippines, Our Lady of Lordes Foundation)

The student consultants worked with the Our Lady of Lordes Hospital (OLLH) this summer to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the accounting practicing by implementing an accounting system. In the hospital, the accounting practice has six functions including: billing, cash receipt, cash disbursement, inventory, payroll and general ledger which were mostly being done manually.

An Access database was designed and implemented to incorporate the entire accounting practice. User-guides and manuals were created and training was provided to all staff and IT personnel in order to maintain the system.

A website was also created with the goal to draw in more patients to the hospital and give OLLH a completive advantage in the healthcare business, being that they are the first hospital in the local area with a website.

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