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2009-2011 in the Philippines


2011 Jeremy Cohen Hoffing (Heinz-MISM)
  • Significantly improved the college's ailing computer network.

  • Created a custom database to allow the college's administrators to better manage student information

2011 Melissa Acosta (CFA-Industrial Design/DC-Global Systems Management/SCS-HCI)
  • Completely revised the College's web site, improved content on the site, and trained staff in how to update and maintain the site.

2010 Tom Flavin (H&SS-IS, Heinz-MISM) Stephanie Chow (H&SS-IS) Rana Khalil (Qatar-IS)
  • Updated the College’s web site adopting an open-source content management system.

  • Trained College personnel on the updating and maintaining the site.

  • Researched and customized an open-source student-records management system for the College.

  • Worked with College personnel to adapt the system to their work processes.

2010 Abhinav Gautam (CIT-ECE)
  • Further developed the robotics curriculum that students had helped the College initiate the previous summer.

2009 Si Ying Hu (CIT-ECE) Steven Elia (CIT-ECE/SCS-CS) Sixiao Joy Liu (CIT-MechE)
  • The student consultants created a robotics curriculum, held workshops for OLLCF faculty, and created a roadmap to build a robotics program.

  • The workshops developed the OLLCF faculties' knowledge, while also serving as a forum to discuss how to adapt the curriculum for their Filipino students.

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