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Geeks on a Mission

"As consultants, the students have been taught to look at an organization through a wide lens, gathering information about such things as the climate in which it conducts business, its organizational culture, the challenges it faces, and the strengths it possesses. They then produce a thorough report and make recommendations about problems or issues the organization needs to address, culminating in the specific project the student will undertake."

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Tech in Paradise

"By making technology accessible and relevant to developing and underserved communities around the world, both sides of the digital divide benefit tremendously. Today, TechBridgeWorld is a multi-disciplinary umbrella organization embedded within Carnegie Mellon to enhance technology education, research, development and deployment. 'There are a lot of barriers to global projects: travel, culture adjustments, formal expectations and contracts,” says Dias. “TechBridgeWorld provides an infrastructure and facilitates these details.'"

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"'It’s about helping organizations with implementing new technology planning,' said Joe Mertz, TechBridgeWorld’s associate director and a faculty member in computer science and public policy. Mertz directs Technology Consulting in the Global Community (TCinGC), an elective program that sends university students abroad for 10 weeks as technology consultants with government ministries and nonprofit organizations in developing communities."


Payce in Rwanda

Payce in Rwanda

Daisy in The Marshall Islands

Daisy in The Marshall Islands

Eddy in Rwanda

Eddy in Rwanda

Ameeshi in Palau

Ameeshi in Palau

David in Rwanda

David in Rwanda

Varun in Niue

Varun in Niue


A Consulting Model of
Global Service Learning

"Service Learning is increasingly common in collegiate Computer Science and Information Systems curricula. Typically students work in real-world situations, applying their skills to address authentic community needs. Students’ reports of learning benefits and positive feelings about their experiences are well recorded in the literature on service learning. The
value of project outcomes to the community partner are often assumed and less commonly assessed. Recent research indicates that partner outcomes may often be less than satisfactory, and in fact, even detrimental when students execute ‘one
off’ projects requiring resources, skills and maintenance that community partners may not be able to provide. This report describes a consulting model of service learning that highlights sustainable solutions as a key objective." 

The TechBridge World Initiative: Broadening Perspectives in Computing Technology Education and Research

"The growing demand for technological innovation to empower developing communities and enable sustainable development requires new and creative educational initiatives. Thus, well designed higher educational initiatives geared towards appropriate technology for developing communities can have a significant global impact. This paper presents the challenges and benefits of a higher education initiative, TechBridgeWorld, at Carnegie Mellon
University that focuses on innovating and implementing relevant technology for developing communities. The authors examine the potential intersections of computing technologies with education and sustainable development." 

A Scalable Model of Community-Based Experiential Learning through Courses and International Projects

"Partnering students with community clients can have positive learning and community service outcomes. There are challenges, however, defining and assessing curricula learning goals, evaluating community impact, and achieving significant scale, while not overwhelming faculty schedules. We present a model of engaging students with community clients that we have developed over 20 years and have used in multiple modes. Our model defines the students' roles in consulting terms, which allows us to broaden their perspective. Their goal is to help an organization solve a problem, expanding their responsibilities beyond just implementing a system. Ongoing instruction scaffolds the students' experience." 

Facilitating Student Learning through Study Abroad and International Projects

"Computer science is inherently international but its effective application depends on an understanding of the local culture in which it is being used. Students and faculty need to be prepared to operate in this global environment. This ITiCSE working group report discusses why an international dimension is an important component of a computer science, student's education. It describes ways to add an international dimension to student learning and provides several case studies as examples. Barriers to international study are identified, and recommendations for how to do more to expand the international opportunities of computer science students are discussed."



"At Carnegie Mellon, global courses are offered in a range of disciplinary contexts and employ diverse strategies to incorporate a global dimension . . . students have the option of applying for Technology Consulting in the Global Community, a summer experience in a developing country where they help a governmental agency with projects needing expertise either in computer science or design or in information systems."

Association of American Colleges & Universities
The Challenge of Global Literacy:
An Ideal Opportunity for Liberal Professional Education

"PCOC and the Bureau of Commercial Development also enlisted the help of student consultant, Gus Henry, from Carnegie Mellon University's Technology Consultancy in the Global Community program to create the website. They will work to have the website online in August. The website will provide Palauans and foreign investors who are looking to do business in Palau with key information regarding the foreign investment approval process, the necessary permits needed to start a business and why Palau is a great place to start your business."

Island Times Palau
Ti Belau
Starting a
Business Guide

"I definitely enjoyed my summer on this island off the southern tip of India, working as a computer-technology consultant, touring the country (it's about the size of West Virginia), and spending time with the children. My internship, arranged through Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, was not a typical study-abroad program. Instead of taking classes, I helped design Web sites and brochures for the relief agencies and even taught the children a few gymnastic and dance moves."

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Lending a Hand, Finding a New Culture
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